Sustainable farming

Protection of the natural environment

The pastures and crops that livestock feed on help to maintain the natural environment are a natural protection against fires and a system that respects biodiversity.

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Central Lechera Asturiana respect biodiversity

Farms integrated into the natural Asturias lands

Central Lechera Asturiana farmers are active guardians of the environment. Their farms are a natural heritage that has been in the hands of the same families all their lives, from generation to generation.  Their work is in nature and they have learned to take care of it like no one else. Every day they are more sustainable because they use renewable energy, respect biodiversity and coexist in harmony with wild and native species, such as grouse, deer and otters.

And the best proof of their sustainability is that they work perfectly in Protected Natural Areas, even in Biosphere Reserves such as Eo, Oscos and Picos de Europa without altering the delicate natural ecosystem.

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Livestock farmers and crop farmers

One hundred percent natural forage and orchards for self-consumption

Livestock farmers are also crop farmers because in order to maintain the optimal nutritional quality of milk, the animals’ diet must be supplemented with forage.  Thus they grow corn and ryegrass, which ensures the cows have natural feed and the milk is of the highest quality.

Added to these crops are the self-consumption gardens that farming families maintain to enjoy a 100% natural diet. This way of life and local agriculture help to shape the lands, improve the quality of the land and preserve the environment. They are an action mechanism for the climate because they offset CO2 emissions.

Fire protection

Guardians of the lands and the mountains

The farmers who gave rise to its brand are the gardeners of Asturias, the guardians of the lands and the mountains. Their herds help to eliminate the biomass that fuels forest fires and they are the owners or concessionaires for the use of the mountains that surround their farms. They keep the mountains clear of scrub and are responsible for reforestation, conserving native species of high value to the ecosystem such as chestnut, oak and holm oak, which together with the fields and crop areas prevent fires and configure the lands in a new example of a mechanism for climate action.

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