Transforming the world. Central Lechera Asturiana is B-Corp.

It is the first dairy brand with Spanish capital to obtain the B-Corp certificate. This seal identifies companies that generate a positive social impact on society and the planet through their activity.

Being B-Corpcertified is an endorsement of the transforming power of Central Lechera Asturiana’s way of working supported by  its Comprehensive Sustainability Plan  (Economic Sustainability + Social Sustainability + Environmental Sustainability) and aligned with its purpose of giving farming partners a future by offering natural products and services that improve people’s health and quality of life in a sustainable environment.



Cooperative values

Central Lechera Asturiana’s farming partners have built a model based on sustainable family farming supported by services and measures aimed at ensuring a balance between farming activities, farmers’ social needs, animal welfare and environmental protection.

It is a unique working method included withing the dairy firm’s Farmer Guarantee seal, endorsed by SGS, which aims to guarantee farm sustainability in the future.

B-Corp Community

Natural products for conscious consumers

The B-Corp seal supports Central Lechera Asturiana’s commitment to developing healthy and nutritious products that contribute to consumers’ health care, through three areas:

100% Natural Commitment:

Products are made using 100% natural ingredients and with no artificial E-s.

Healthy food:

Central Lechera Asturiana offers foods with the best nutritional profile, with less sugar and adapted to consumers’ needs.


Central Lechera Asturiana’s labels are clear and visible on the front of all packaging.

cuidamos la naturaleza

Taking care of nature

A leader in environmental sustainability

B-Corp recognises Central Lechera Asturiana’s initiatives that foster “respect for resources and climate action” to minimise the company’s impact on the environment, endorsed by AENOR Circular Economy Strategy, Zero Waste and Carbon Neutrality certificates in all factories.

Energy, water and fossil fuel consumption is reduced and energy sources and raw materials of renewable origin are used as much as possible throughout the company’s work processes.

Taking care of people

Respect and honesty with the community

Being B-Corp also means taking all the stakeholders that participate in the company’s activity into account when making decisions. Central Lechera Asturiana has been a Top Employer company since 2016 and a benchmark employer that promotes talent and works towards employee satisfaction and motivation. With employees’ support, Central Lechera Asturiana is involved in various charity initiatives for the benefit of society, to improve people’s nutrition and health and to raise awareness about defending the environment.

B Corp certification enables companies to unite efforts to embark on a path towards a new, more humane, sustainable and inclusive economy, generating a positive impact and harnessing the strength of business to solve the main challenges that society and the environment pose today.